The shelter I volunteer at brought in a bunch of new dogs that needed baths, and I was around, so I got asked to help. If I’ve ever washed a dog before, I don’t remember–which is pretty much the same as if it never happened. Right? Well, at least it means I don’t have a dog-washing skill set.

It is, I figured, kind of like washing a (larger) cat. They’re not particularly enthused, but you do it anyway because fleas/ticks are no fun. Mostly, I was right. I did however, forgot about how effective a water dispersal mechanism a few good shakes is for dogs.

Very effective, if you’re wondering.

As part of a two-person team, dealing with only one small leashed dog at a time, in a large stainless steel sink… I was a bit slow, and had some difficulties, but the job got done.

Less funny than a bathed cat. Very good at looking sad, though.

Dogs were washed–four of them–dried, and returned to their cages. I got splashed in the face a bunch of times, but  I had a waterproof apron, so it worked out okay.

And next time–sometimes you’re not so much the right woman for the job as the available woman for the job–maybe I’ll do better.

About Caitlin Stern

I have a MA in English, and have so many fantasy/urban fantasy WIPs it's not even funny. I'm an avid reader of science fiction, fantasy, mystery, romance, biography, fiction, and anything else that catches my interest. I collect books, and bookmarks I find that are visually appealing and useful.

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  1. letizia says:

    cute photo 🙂

    It’s so wonderful that you volunteer at a shelter.

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