These days, a lot of people are addicted to their cell phones. They carry them around everywhere, check Facebook, e-mail, text messages, surf the internet, read e-books, take pictures, check the weather, etc–walking around glued to the screen and crashing into things.

Their cell is the last thing they touch before they go to sleep, and the first thing they grab when they wake up. (I think you’re excused for the latter if you use your cell as an alarm clock, as many people do. Otherwise, maybe you should consider unplugging just a teensy bit.)

People really go crazy over the iPhone…
Image from WikiCommons by Mungous

I’m not quite so addicted to my cell phone, though it’s useful in a multi-purpose fashion, so I’m rarely far from it. If I need to turn it off, for a movie or whatever, I do so without any problem. And then I often forget to turn it on again… I leave my cell on when I go to sleep on the off-chance that some emergency happens and someone needs to call me. It’s not likely, but it could happen.

The trade-off is that I sometimes get woken up by wrong numbers.

After I say hello, sometimes it’s clear the person on the other line knows something is wrong. Like the person who called me near 1 a.m., who seemed pretty sure he hadn’t reached Brandon.

When a wrong number hasn’t woken me up, I usually say ‘sorry, wrong number,’ and they say ‘sorry’ too, and hang up. I’m not sure why I’m apologizing to them, except for the fact that I’ve called wrong numbers, and can empathize with the sinking feeling that results. Do you ever do that? Apologize and then wonder why you did? Just trying to be polite, I suppose.

The second type of wrong-number-caller usually sounds as if they’ve imbibed a bit of alcohol, and have to be convinced that they haven’t, in fact, dialed correctly. And sometimes they call a second time.

Of course, that doesn’t change anything. But I guess hope springs eternal.

About Caitlin Stern

I have a MA in English, and have so many fantasy/urban fantasy WIPs it's not even funny. I'm an avid reader of science fiction, fantasy, mystery, romance, biography, fiction, and anything else that catches my interest. I collect books, and bookmarks I find that are visually appealing and useful.

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