I post my What If Story questions on Tuesday. (Usually the last Tuesday of the month.) On Saturday, I post my short story based on other’s answers. If anyone wants to write a story based on the question, put a link to your post in the comments.

Have fun!

what if4

This week’s question:

What’s your favorite song? What’s the name of a superhero who would have it as their theme song?

The answer:

My favorite song right now is Don’t You Wanna Stay by Jason Aldean and Kelly Clarkson. As far as which superhero I think just about any one of them. Think of Batman and Vicki Vale or Rachel Dawes, Superman and Lois Lane, Spiderman and Mary Jane. —Joe Owens

Thanks for playing, Joe!

Superhero love interests live fraught lives. At any moment, something dramatic can happen…

*   *   *

“I don’t understand what went wrong,” Greatman surveyed the smoking wreckage from the roof of the nearest standing building. The edge of the brickwork crumbled a little here and there, but an invulnerable man didn’t have to worry much about his footing.

“At least this one wasn’t a supervillain,” Mercury said.

“How was I supposed to know that?”

“That Vicky Thompson was Verity Thorne, a.k.a Poison Thorn?” Mercury shook his head, light bouncing off his chiseled silver-gray jaw. “How many girls have green streaked blond hair, and curves like that?”

“Plenty of people dye their hair.” Greatman dropped from the rooftop to the rubble, and grabbed a smoldering wooden beam that had burst into flames. He dragged it clear and crushed the fire beneath his boots.

Mercury jumped as well, his bare feet flowing out and solidifying as he absorbed the force of his impact. “She’s your nemesis! Didn’t you recognize her?”

Splinters flew from the beam under Greatman’s boot as he snapped the beam in half. “No. I did not.”

Mercury snickered.

“Therese is–was–a wonderful woman. Not a villain.” Greatman folded his arms.

“If she’d been a super, she would’ve left the building in something other than a body bag,” Mercury pointed out.

“Dude!” Greatman stared at him.

“Too soon?”

“How was I supposed to know Verity would kill Therese?”

“She’s a supervillain! You dumped her! Did you expect her to go home and cry?”

Greatman surveyed the charred, collapsed buildings, and rubble strewn across the streets. “On second thought, I could have been a little nicer. But all this–just because she wanted me to stay?”

“Women are crazy,” Mercury said.

“What was that?” Snowqueen asked, ice crystals swirling around her as she hovered in the air. “I don’t think I heard you.”

“…Nothing, honey.” Mercury said.

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