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June 18: Top Ten Books At The Top Of My Summer TBR List.

Does this mean books I’ll likely read in the summer? This list is made up of books coming out in a summer-like time, which I will get a hold of and read as soon as I can. If only today was an option…

Cast in Sorrow

1. Cast in Sorrow; Michelle Sagara. Book #1: Kaylin is a Hawk (police, pretty much) in the city of Elantra–shared by several species, including humans, winged Aerians, and Dragons like the Emperor. She fled the slums when she woke up with mysterious markings on her skin, markings several murdered children shared. Now marked children are dying again… This is book #9.

Chimes midnight

2. Chimes at Midnight; Seanan McGuire. Book #7. October “Toby” Daye is a changeling, part human and part fae, and lives a very complicated life, balancing fae politics and a human life. Dark and interesting and very real-feeling–I love these books.

codex born

3. Codex Born; Jim C. Hines. Book #2 in a series about people who can pull objects from books–libriomancers. Sometimes living things come from the book world into ours, and someone has to stop them. It’s a fascinating, clever idea, and the first was an entertaining story through and through.

cold copper

4. Cold Copper; Devon Monk. Book #3. Steampunk and magic, and a mad quest to hunt down the pieces of a doomsday device before it can be used. Witches, lycanthropes, and dangerous machines!


5. Kinslayer; Jay Kristoff. Book #2 of a Japanese Steampunk series. Fantastical creatures, a barren world, goggles and breath-masks, and a young girl determined to save herself and her friend. These books are a must-read for any Steampunk fan.

long war

6. The Long War; Terry Pratchett & Stephen Baxter. Book #2 about a fascinating concept–multiple versions of our world, layered on top of each other. Most (but not all) people can move from one version to another, and settle what they think is untouched and uninhabited land. Weird and thought-provoking.

magic rises

7. Magic Rises; Illona Andrews. Kate Daniels is a mercenary in a city full of weres, mages piloting mindless vampires, and magic-users. Magic falls and rises in waves, and technology dies when it is high. Everyone must struggle to balance the two, which makes even everyday problems more exciting. Kate is awesomely sarcastic and funny.


8. Perdition; Ann Aguirre. Dresdemona “Dred” Devos controls one of the six territories in Perdition, a permanent prison floating in space. This is a new release, but Ann Aguirre is so wonderful I’ll read anything she writes.

quick fix

9. Quick Fix; Linda Grimes. Book #2 about ‘aura adaptors’ people who can perfectly assume the form of any person, and are paid to do so–as body doubles to avoid danger, or anything else someone will pay money not to do themselves. In book #1, Ciel Halligan is trying to get her client’s boyfriend to propose when their resort bungalow explodes. I’m looking forward to seeing Ciel again.

zombie apocalypse

10. White Trash Zombie Apocalypse; Diana Rowland. Book # 3. Angel Crawford is living on the edge, and being made into a zombie doesn’t make her life much easier. Rowland creates a unique and very human kind of zombie, which are hilarious to read about.

About Caitlin Stern

I have a MA in English, and have so many fantasy/urban fantasy WIPs it's not even funny. I'm an avid reader of science fiction, fantasy, mystery, romance, biography, fiction, and anything else that catches my interest. I collect books, and bookmarks I find that are visually appealing and useful.

10 responses »

  1. Regan says:

    So many books that look awesome, oh my god, I think I want to read them all… do you think ‘sorry I didn’t do my homework, I was reading a really good book’ will work? no… damn haha. The Kate Daniel’s books I really want to read but the first one is never in the library when I go!

    • caitlinstern says:

      Does your library let you put books on hold? Mine does, and I also signed up for emails that tell me the new books they’re acquiring… which is dangerous, but a good way to get ahead of all those other people who want to read your book.

      • Regan says:

        It does, but they charge like £1.30 so it’s very rare I reserve a book because that gets really expensive really quickly!

        • caitlinstern says:

          Aw, that’s sad. I certainly wouldn’t hold books with such abandon if it weren’t free! I wonder why it’s different?

          I know public libraries in the US are terribly underfunded, so I wouldn’t have thought they’d offer for free what other countries charge for.

  2. booklover217 says:

    I haven’t read or heard of any of these but they look intriguing 🙂 Great list!

    Here’s my TTT:

  3. I haven’t heard of any of these, but I’ll have to look them up! I’m always looking for new fantasy books to read.

  4. I haven’t heard of any of these books, but I hope you get the chance to read them all this summer!

  5. Marcia says:

    Well, it goes without saying I’ll be reading the new Toby Daye book. I wouldn’t miss one for the world! Long live Tybalt, King of Cats! Ditto for the Kate Daniels book, and the newest Terry Pratchett. I checked out Cold Copper and have added all three books to my To Be Read list. (Have you read any of the Allie Beckstrom books? They look interesting, too.) I also added Codex Born and the first book in that series. They look intriguing, as well.

    I’m skipping White Trash Zombies, at least for now. The cover alone is enough to make me run away. I AM learning to enjoy some zombie fiction, but it’s low on my list, so far, except for Carrie Ryan’s “The Forest of Hands and Teeth” series, which I loved.

    I’ll check out the rest of your list soon. It’s fun to see what you are waiting for, and how many of them are already on my list, as well. I always find something new, though. Thanks!

    • caitlinstern says:

      I have read and enjoyed the Allie Beckstorm series, yes. It’s fairly dark for Urban Fantasy, and a fascinating story.

      We’ll agree to disagree on the zombies–everyone likes different things! 🙂

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