I made resolutions–ten for a Top Ten, some of which are more important than others–and we are now a quarter through the year, so I’m doing an update.

Moderate library check-outs

I was doing pretty well on this–well enough to return books days before they were actually due! There have been a few hiccups, but, for the most part, I’ve been successful.

Currently checked out--8 books. Single digits!

Currently checked out–8 books. Single digits!

Read TBR pile

There were 11 books sitting on a shelf when I started, so I settled on one a month, leaving December free. I read two for January, one for February, and one for March (and added five new books to the stack, I admit.)

Work on Kindle backlog

I keep getting more of these, of course, but I decided to read at least one a week. So far, so good. At the beginning of the year, I had 65 unread ebooks, and now I have 50.

Winnow bookshelves

I divided my shelves into 18 sections, which allows for a section about every 3 weeks. But I got off to a slow start, with some progress made on the first shelf by the time I was meant to be working on the third section. But I caught up before my third deadline, and I worked away at the fourth section  a bit at a time.

All these books are no longer on my shelves--and I'm only a quarter done.

All these books are no longer on my shelves–and I’m only a quarter done.

Write every day

I missed my first day on Jan. 12th, and one more day since then, but this is far better than the creative-writing scarcity I fell into at the end of last year.

Use notebooks

I started to carry a small notebook around with me, and have written in it several times. I also started a new journal, and have been actually writing in the notebook I keep by my bed in case of late-night ideas.

Submit manuscripts

I still haven’t edited my NaNoWriMo novel and started sending it out. I need to work on that.

Spend more time with family

I did spend a day hanging out with one of the members of my family I don’t see often, which isn’t quite as much as I hoped. But it’s an improvement over once a year.


Using a handy little app on my phone, I set a walking goal. It suggested 10,000 steps, but knowing my limits, I’m working on 7,000. Some days I exceed my goal–though 10,000 steps is still a rarity.

Walk shelter dogs

Cold mornings make me lazy. Another resolution I need to work on more.


About Caitlin Stern

I have a MA in English, and have so many fantasy/urban fantasy WIPs it's not even funny. I'm an avid reader of science fiction, fantasy, mystery, romance, biography, fiction, and anything else that catches my interest. I collect books, and bookmarks I find that are visually appealing and useful.

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  1. Harliqueen says:

    Sounds like you are still making good progress! 🙂

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