So many exciting book-related things happened this past weekend, I’ll need several blog posts to cover them all. But this is one of the chronologically earlier and very exciting ones.

I came home with so many books!

I came home with so many books!

I went to the part of Ilona Andrews’ tour that was in Austin, TX. They write two urban fantasy series–Kate Daniels and The Edge, both interesting takes on the effects of magic in the modern world. I had a great time listening to both Ilona and Gordon speak. They answered questions about their books, which I won’t put here because they’re spoiler-ish. But if you check out their blog, they have a FAQ post up.

I’ll share some funny stories they had about their tour, though.

Me: "Suddenly, I feel tall."  Gordon: "We're from short but sturdy stock."

Me: “Suddenly, I feel tall.”
Gordon: “We’re from short but sturdy stock.”

Apparently Portland was pretty strange. At their hotel, the librarian–amazing, a hotel with a library and a librarian!–confused Gordon for another Andrew Gordon. The librarian left a book to be signed, written by this other Andrew Gordon, a Harvard professor who writes about modern Japan. As you might know from looking your name up on Google, we all have a name doppelganger or two.

They also got a ride from someone who claimed to be an official driver, but wasn’t wearing a uniform, or driving the usual kind of car–but knew their names, where and when to pick them up, and where to take them. It wasn’t until after he dropped them off at the airport that they got a call from the company telling them their driver was still waiting.

In Seattle, the people apologized profusely for their 80 degree heat wave, which the authors, living in Texas as they are, found hilarious. 80 degrees isn’t that hot at all… Though I know they’ll be laughing next winter, when we complain that it’s in the 40s, and we’re freezing.

One of these signatures is legible. The other...

One of these signatures is legible. The other…


About Caitlin Stern

I have a MA in English, and have so many fantasy/urban fantasy WIPs it's not even funny. I'm an avid reader of science fiction, fantasy, mystery, romance, biography, fiction, and anything else that catches my interest. I collect books, and bookmarks I find that are visually appealing and useful.

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  1. Marcia says:

    Sorry it has taken me a while to get through my email. I’m behind from my week long trip and from having brought home a cold that is rapidly turning into bronchitis. Ack. BUT!! So glad I finally found this post. First…it’s a GREAT picture!! Lucky you! I had to order my signed copy of Magic Breaks from one of the bookstores they listed. 😦 Wish I could have been there, too, so I could tell them how much I love everything they write, and how much I WISH William Wolf would make an appearance again. I SOOO want to go back to The Edge, which they left on the brink of war. And with Richard stuck in another man’s face (which has been driving Nicki crazy!) Ha.

    Really glad you got to do this. I know how much fun the Kim Harrison/Jeanienne Frost tour was. Congrats on your book and the photo op!! (You look very pretty, btw. Great pic!)

    • caitlinstern says:

      No worries, catch up at your own pace! Feel better soon.

      Wish you could have made it, and got your own pic and asked your questions. Though Ilona’s pretty tough on questions she doesn’t want to answer.

      • Marcia says:

        Ha…I could tell that from some of the things on her blog. I probably would never have had the nerve to ask them, anyway, though I might have mentioned that I adored William Wolf and missed The Edge. They’ve got a new series coming out, too, don’t they? Besides the Witch one? Burn For Me? I think it’s a whole different one. OMG, I just realized the new Chicagoland book came out while I was gone!!! Ethan Sullivan has been out in the world doing things…WITHOUT ME!!! ACCK! Must go download it before I go to bed! And then I’ll be torn between reading it first, or Magic Breaks. Arrrgggh. What to do, what to do? 😀

        • caitlinstern says:

          Invent time travel.

          Otherwise, read MB so we can talk about it!

          • Marcia says:

            Good idea. Of course, I have a Goodreads friend who is dying to talk Chicagoland, and who loves Ethan & Merit as much as I do. AND I’m halfway through a mystery that I promised a writing friend I’d read. Two books at a time, I MIGHT be able to handle, but not two of my VERY FAVORITE series, which each must be savored like fine wine. And certainly not while being distracted by a third book. Must. Pick. One.

            Of course, if I stay in bed all day, which is what I feel like doing with this cough, I could probably finish the mystery AND Magic Breaks. Then I could start Chicagoland tomorrow, and just WALLOW in all the vampity goodness. I’m tempted…I haven’t had a day in bed in years and years. Thinking, here…………………….

          • caitlinstern says:

            You should have a lazy reading day now and then, without a nasty cough. It’s unproductive, but so worth it!

          • Marcia says:

            If I weren’t so paranoid about time ticking by, and me needing to write like the wind, I could do that. I USED to do that. But now, I just want to get as many books written as I can, while I’m still able to tell a decent story or two. Or even an INDECENT story or two. 😉 Never made it to the bedroom today, and Mark is due home in another hour or two, so there goes that plan. He’s home tomorrow and Tuesday, too, so I won’t be lounging about those days either. Maybe Wednesday………. 😀

          • caitlinstern says:

            Oh, come on. Three published books surely earns you *one* lazy day! In fact, I think you’re owed three. 😉

          • Marcia says:

            Good point. Maybe I’ll take all three days in a row!! 😯 Right now, I feel like it.

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