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November 4: Top Ten Books I Want To Reread (or if you don’t reread…would reread in an ideal world)

I do reread, a lot, so this one was just a question of narrowing it down.

count of monte

1. The Count of Monte Cristo; Alexandre Dumas. There are some beautiful Penguin hardcovers of classic books, so I have a list of books to read to see if I want them. I’m not quite such a book collector that I’ll buy a book only for it’s pretty cover. I’ve read this one years ago, but I can’t recall if I liked it or not.


2. Elfhome Series; Wen Spencer. This series is up to four books. I have reread the first two so many times over the years, but haven’t yet reread the two newest ones, because there’s a pretty big gap in those publication dates.


3. Fiendish; Brenna Yovanoff. Every one of her books I’ve read is wonderful and strange, and well worth the revisit, but I think this might be my favorite.

Let's Pretend

4. Let’s Pretend This Never Happened; Jenny Lawson. It’s a great book for a laugh, and to make you feel like you’re not alone in your strangeness. Whatever weird you have, The Bloggess gets it.

lies of locke

5. Lies of Locke Lamora; Scott Lynch. It’s been a few years since I first met the Gentleman Bastards, it would be fun to start again from the beginning, especially since it feels like forever until the next one.

pride and prejudice

6. Pride & Prejudice; Jane Austen. It is a truth universally acknowledged that I will reread this book once or twice a year, probably for the rest of my life. Unless I get tired of Lizzy and Darcy, which seems unlikely.


7. S., J.J. Abrams. A complicated story within story book, with supplemental notes, faxes, and letters tucked into the pages, I’m sure I’d find more details with a reread.

station eleven

8. Station Eleven; Emily St. John Mandel. It hasn’t been so long since I read this book, but it’s certainly one I will reread, for all it’s lovely phrases, and the slow unfolding of the end of the world.

Stranger in a Strange Land

9. Stranger in a Strange Land; Robert Heinlein. I went flipping through my shelves looking for a book with a good first sentence of the last chapter (because of a blog post), and discovered my fondness for fantasy and science fiction doesn’t lend itself to that exercise. But this was the book I found a good example from.


10. The Silvered; Tanya Huff. I love everything by this author, and have reread several of her series, but this is a stand alone, and so perfect for a reread.

About Caitlin Stern

I have a MA in English, and have so many fantasy/urban fantasy WIPs it's not even funny. I'm an avid reader of science fiction, fantasy, mystery, romance, biography, fiction, and anything else that catches my interest. I collect books, and bookmarks I find that are visually appealing and useful.

9 responses »

  1. lynnsbooks says:

    So many on here that I love. I must check out Tanya Huff. I’m sure you’ve probably already said she’s a good read – but, if I don’t write it down a forget!
    Lynn 😀

    • caitlinstern says:

      Oh, yes, she’s one of my favorites. You should definitely write her name down. She’s got several classic fantasy worlds, a vampire urban fantasy, a magically talented family series, and a kick-@ss space marine science fiction. So many choices!

  2. mrshbookworm says:

    I’d never head of S but I’m really intrigued now and am going to try and search it out.

    • caitlinstern says:

      It’s definitely a book nerd kind of book–it’s an analysis of a writer’s work, and two people are passing the book back and forth, writing notes to each other in the margins. So many layers! 🙂

  3. Erica says:

    Pride & Prejudice is an amazing book, though I have not read many of these books, I think they are all interesting summaries!
    See my Top Ten, !!

  4. I’ve loved Brenna Yovanoff’s books as well. I haven’t read Fiendish yet, but so glad to hear it is one of your favorites. I bought a copy so I can get her autograph next week when she is in my town. Great list!
    Check out my Top 10

  5. kateposeyphd says:

    I’m excited to see Station Eleven on your list because I have the book but haven’t started it yet. I’ve heard so many good things about it. And yes, Pride and Prejudice!! This is one I love to re-read too–soooo good!

    • caitlinstern says:

      It really has some beautiful phrases in it–the kind that catch your eye if you’re a word nerd, and have you repeating them to yourself.

      And it’s an excellent end-of-the-world kind of book, with layers of action, secrets, interesting characters… Hope you enjoy it!

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