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May 26: Ten Books I Plan To Have In My Beach Bag This Summer.

public enemies

1. Public Enemies; Ann Aguirre. The Immortal Game isn’t for the weak-willed, and Edie Kramer hasn’t been making good moves so far. She’ll have to find some leverage, or the game won’t go so well for her.

magic shifts

2. Magic Shifts; Ilona Andrews. Because it’s Kate Daniels, of course.

lair of dreams

3. Lair of Dreams; Libba Bray. Evie O’Neill has revealed herself as a Diviner, and now she has to face the consequences of the world knowing what she can do.

royal wedding

4. The Royal Wedding; Meg Cabot. All grown up, Mia is facing a wedding, and proving she can rule.

shores of spain

5. The Shores of Spain; Kathleen Cheney. Newlywed siren Oriana has to be an ambassador to her people, but peace isn’t easy.

curious calpurnia

6. Curious World of Calpurnia Tate; Jacqueline Kelly. The first book was an amazing, and the young character was smart and interesting.

thorn emberlain

7. The Thorn of Emberlain; Scott Lynch. I so want to read more about the Gentlemen Bastards, and this one has hints about Locke’s past emerging.

(No cover.)

8. The Shepherd’s Crown; Terry Pratchett. The last Tiffany Aching book, when I thought the last one was the last. Always a nice surprise.

princess x

9. I Am Princess X; Cherie Priest. A webcomic shows up mysteriously everywhere, which is impossible since its co-creator is dead. Or is she?

kitty saves the world

10. Kitty Saves the World; Carrie Vaughan. Werewolf radio host, and all around hero for the nonhumans.


About Caitlin Stern

I have a MA in English, and have so many fantasy/urban fantasy WIPs it's not even funny. I'm an avid reader of science fiction, fantasy, mystery, romance, biography, fiction, and anything else that catches my interest. I collect books, and bookmarks I find that are visually appealing and useful.

6 responses »

  1. pennma05 says:

    I definitely want to read The Royal Wedding, too. I loved the Princess Diaries books growing up. My TTT

  2. lynnsbooks says:

    I can’t wait for the Lynch book – CANNOT WAIT!
    Also, nice inclusion of the Tiffany Aching book. I will definitely be reading that one.
    Lynn 😀

  3. I Am Princess X sounds great, I might have to check that out myself. Also can’t wait to read Lair of Dreams when it finally comes out, as I loved The Diviners. Have heard of the Gentlemen Bastards series, hope to get around to it someday.

    • So far, Cherie Priest hasn’t let me down, so I’d recommend it.
      The Gentlemen Bastards have a well-written, complex, and wryly funny story. Definitely a good read, when you have the time.

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