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This is a WIP, NaNoWriMo 2016, currently called River, Tree, Mountain. It’s science fiction, set on a colony planet, six generations in–with 10% of the population born “marvels,” who have special abilities like dowsing, healing, or creating fire. The protagonist, Rekka Lang, is a spark (fire), signed a contract with Brenton to provide him a child (NOT married/permanently paired), moves in with him–I’ve skipped back in time because some people were curious about Brenton–to a family dinner. (Acacia, Brenton’s daughter, is 2 and 1/2, by the way.)





“Any idea where our sister is?” Brenton asked his brother, Haydn. “Lunch is scheduled in…” he glanced at his phone, “three minutes.”

Rapid footsteps sounded from down the hallway, and they turned to see Phoenix clicking down the hallway, her low heels ringing on the wood floors. She hurried into the room, and stopped at the loose clump of people, turning toward her mother with an impatient frown pinching her eyebrows together.

“Now that everyone is here, please find your seats,” Yulia, Brenton’s mother, invited.

As the first course was brought out, Rekka turned to Brenton’s daughter Acacia, who was swinging her feet, perched on a pillow. “Hello, Acacia. Do you know who I am?”

“Daddy’s friend!” Acacia chirped. Her halo of dark hair was held back from her face with a green headband embroidered with butterflies, which matched her dress and blousy shorts, and the shoes on those swinging feet.

*    *    *

Life on the colony planet of Kaibou was going uneventfully until the second generation of colonists was born on the planet, at some, at a young age, began showing various psychic abilities. When those people, called marvels, grew up, many of them formed companies, building compounds to live in and raise their children.  Due to population diversity issues, many colonists have children using genetic bank material, or choose a succession of partners. Now on the seventh generation, marvels are born both within and without company walls, and all must work together to use their gifts and make a living on a still wild land. Some of these outsider marvels sign contracts with company marvels, agreeing to give them a child raised within the company, in return for a permanent home in the company compound, a stipend, and other concessions.

About Caitlin Stern

I have a MA in English, and have so many fantasy/urban fantasy WIPs it's not even funny. I'm an avid reader of science fiction, fantasy, mystery, romance, biography, fiction, and anything else that catches my interest. I collect books, and bookmarks I find that are visually appealing and useful.

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  1. Author Jessica E. Subject says:

    His friend… But if their society is used to such arrangements, it wouldn’t be such a big deal.

    • I should probably have mentioned that Acacia is two and a half. This is about what I figured she’d understand, as I couldn’t decide how to boil down “future mother of your half-sibling.”

  2. Hm, now I’m curious about his daughter. Sounds like it has the potential to be awkward.

  3. nancygideon says:

    Sounds like an uncomfortable dinner to come . . .

  4. Interesting scene you’re setting up here, enjoyed all the details!

  5. chrisgrover says:

    Interesting snippet.

  6. Alexis Duran says:

    He already has a daughter? Interesting. And I wonder what’s up with the sister. I agree with Nancy, all sorts of underlying tension here.

  7. Great snippet. I hope she enjoys the party.

  8. Andrea R Huelsenbeck says:

    So Rekka is meeting Acacia for the first time? Is this soon after the beginning of her contract? I have so many questions…

    • People asked about Brenton, so I had to skip back for an interaction–should’ve dated it! o.O This is about four months after Rekka moved in with Brenton.
      And yes, this is the first time she met Acacia–though not the first time she asked to do so.

  9. Hywela Lyn says:

    Ooh, this is a change of scene to be sure. I can see some awkward conversations coming up! Great snipet.

  10. This has the potential to be an interesting dinner!

  11. Karen Michelle Nutt says:

    I’m curious about him having a daughter already.

  12. Diane Burton says:

    While this should be an interesting dinner, with the toddler there, maybe everyone will behave??? Good snippet.

  13. Ed Hoornaert says:

    Kids have a way of simplifying even complicated relationships.

  14. Hum, this dinner is bound to get interesting. Great snippet!

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