English B.A., M.A.

Two semesters teaching college Freshman Composition.

Seven semesters tutoring at college Writing Center.

Edited Wake Robin Ridge, A Boy Named Rabbit, Swamp Ghosts,  Finding Hunter, and Summer Magic by Marcia Meara. Also (to be published) Change by Rogelio “Roger” Dean.


I charge a penny a word, using Microsoft Word’s word count. Payments are weekly, and we can discuss which day best fits your schedule.  Depending on your budget, it is possible to finish several chapters a week.

What I do:

You email me an attachment of your chapter, and I will read it carefully, make comments, and send it back to you. Make your changes (I recommend doing so in a different font color, or highlighting), add comments with questions of concerns you have, and send me the revised version. I will read it again to double-check for errors, and that we’re on the same page on the corrections, make any necessary comments, and send it back a final time.

If you have any major changes, such as adding a paragraph or paragraphs, you will send those paragraphs with the surrounding sentences for context, and be charged only for that additional word count.

Why work with me?

I have plenty of experience with reading, editing, and correcting, but I believe my standout quality is my respect for a writer’s voice. I will offer suggestions for clarity and conciseness, but won’t in any way attempt to change your story. Also, I will tell you why I think changes should be made—either a rule of grammar, or whatever issue was raised. This is your writing, I’m only here to polish it.

“Caitlin Stern provided me with expert, professional, and speedy editing […] [and] was flexible and easy to work with[.] […]  I would recommend Caitlin to anyone, without reservation.” –Marcia Meara

 “Caitlin Stern is wonderful to work with and she is truly a professional.  […] The process she follows is great and she delivers a fast turn around.  I would recommend Caitlin to anyone seeking the help of an expert. ”    –  Rogelio Dean Jr.

Full letter of recommendation available upon request.

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  1. Female Human says:

    Your post intrigues me! I didn’t know that this was possible! I am currently writing a book, but only have about 2 chapters finished. Do you usually edit only finished products, or do you also edit unfinished works? Do you also provide comments or thoughts on overall theme / plot, or do you only edit for grammar, word choice, etc.? Thank you!

    • I edit finished works, so you don’t put work into something that might change drastically. If you’re looking for theme/plot comments, you want Beta Readers.
      I focus on the smaller details, after the larger issues have been dealt with. A final polishing, as it were. 🙂

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