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top ten tues

October 8: Top Ten Best/Worst Series Enders.

I’m going for best, because I’m optimistic like that.

arrows fall

1. Arrow’s Fall; Mercedes Lackey. Talia is the kind of character you really want to have a happy ending–she’s a good, decent person that has terrible, terrible things happen to her.

blood from stone

2. Blood from Stone; Laura Anne Gilman. Wren’s work as a magical thief–*ahem* Retriever–is incredibly complicated, but the end of the series has a lot of hope that things will work out.

end game

3. End Game; Ann Aguirre. Sirantha Jax adventures are dangerous and world-saving–some books ended so excitingly I couldn’t wait for the next one.

heart of stone

4. Hands of Flame; C.E. Murphy. Margrit gets involved with vampires, dragons, gargoyles, selkies, and more–but she’s just human. This last book gives her a chance to hold her own against all the others.

deathly hallows

5. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows; J.K. Rowling. How can this book not be on this list? I think it’s practically required.


6. Horizon; Lois McMaster Bujold. The Lakewalkers and the Farmers don’t have too much in common, but they have a common enemy–and if they can work together, maybe they can win that fight.

lady knight

7. Lady Knight, Tamora Pierce. This is where, after all her hard work, Kel finally becomes a knight.

mostly harmless

8. Mostly Harmless; Douglas Adams. All of the H2G2 series have similar, abrupt endings, but the last is the oddest.


9. Timeless; Gail Carriger. Alexia and Conall are so cute together, aren’t they?


10. Twilight; Meg Cabot. Suze has finally figured out how to change Jesse’s past–she can save him, but then she’ll have to give him up.

About Caitlin Stern

I have a MA in English, and have so many fantasy/urban fantasy WIPs it's not even funny. I'm an avid reader of science fiction, fantasy, mystery, romance, biography, fiction, and anything else that catches my interest. I collect books, and bookmarks I find that are visually appealing and useful.

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  1. Marcia says:

    I always enjoy these Top Ten lists, but today, I have to say that other than Harry Potter (and I agree with your inclusion of that), I have not read ONE of these books. I think that’s a first. I better get busy!!! Great post, as always!

    • Marcia says:

      PS…why is your Goodreads Widget working so nicely, when mine has gone blank, and I can’t seem to do a thing to fix it? 😦

      • caitlinstern says:

        You know, I hardly pay attention to that little widget on my blog. I don’t see it at all on yours. Did you delete it because it wasn’t working?

        • Marcia says:

          Yep. I tried for a week, but it steadfastly remained a white rectangle saying I had nothing to display, no matter what I did. So I dumped it yesterday.

          • caitlinstern says:

            Unhelpful. Did you try writing to WordPress and asking if they had any solutions? The world wants to know what you’re reading! (They’re nosy like that.)

          • Marcia says:

            Haven’t tried writing to WordPress, yet. It used to work. I feel like it’s something I messed up on Goodreads, but I can’t figure out how. Another thing. I can’t actually move any books out of my Currently Reading folder on Goodreads. It just keeps growing, and trying to move them doesn’t get me anywhere. So maybe that’s the problem. Maybe there are too many in there for the Widget to work properly?

          • caitlinstern says:


            And yes, it sounds like something’s gone wrong on Goodreads’ end. Maybe they can help you fix it? I say try them.

    • caitlinstern says:

      I’d start with Gilman, Aguirre, or Murphy–they’re all urban fantasy, or science fiction, with some interesting world building.

      I thought you’d read Soulless? Or have I just harped about it so much you said you’d give it a try? 🙂

  2. Like you, I’m so glad to see HP on nearly every TTT I’ve visited — it makes me feel so proud to be part of something so big and so well-loved. But ah, now I’m feeling a bit ashamed because I haven’t read ANYTHING else on your list.But I’ve been wanting to read that Gail Carriager series for a while now, after reading some positive reviews for several of the books, so hopefully I’ll be able to get to that soon!

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