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November 22: Thanksgiving freebie — tell us what you are thankful for! Books you are thankful for!

I’m going to do books/ bookish things I am thankful for.

anne mccaffrey

1. Anne McCaffrey. There are so many different series to read, varied worlds, and plenty of strong characters to root for, so I can find an old favorite to suit any mood.

word press logo

2. Book bloggers. People I follow, people whose posts I see on TTT–however I’m introduced to great new  books. My TBR is ever-growing, but the treasures are worth the time.


3. Bookmarks. I adore my collection of metal, cloth, leather, wood, etc. bookmarks. Picking one out, and seeing it every time I open the book is a small pleasure.

4. Friends and family who buy me books. If they get a book off a wish list, buy something they think I might like, or gift me with a favorite of theirs, there are few better gifts to unwrap than a book!


5. Jenny Lawson “The Bloggess.” In addition to two hilariously wrong books, she has a lot of blog posts that remind us all that no matter how weird and broken you might feel at times, we’re not alone.

Book cat

6. Indie bookstores. The fun decorations, the personality of the collections, the nooks and crannies, the staff… and sometimes a bookstore cat!

lfl corpus school2

7. Little Free Libraries. I love the spirit of bookish community that leads someone to buy or build a LFL, put it in their yard, and stock it with books. Finding them is a treasure hunt, and returning or gifting books to them makes you connected to everyone who has done the same.

pride and prejudice

8. Pride & Prejudice. It is a truth universally acknowledged that I have read this book too much. But the sense of humor never fails to make me smile, and the romance, despite its turbulence, still entertains. Also, there are so many good spin offs!


9. Sir Terry Pratchett. He wrote plenty of books (41 in one series), all a mix of funny and thought-provoking, and they’re a great mood lift on dark days.


10. Used bookstores/book sales. There’s nothing quite like finding a book you really wanted, that wasn’t quite in the budget yet, for cheap.


About Caitlin Stern

I have a MA in English, and have so many fantasy/urban fantasy WIPs it's not even funny. I'm an avid reader of science fiction, fantasy, mystery, romance, biography, fiction, and anything else that catches my interest. I collect books, and bookmarks I find that are visually appealing and useful.

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  1. I love seeing LFLs around! I think we’re looking into getting one and putting it in our yard 🙂 And I want to go to a bookstore that has a cat! I’ve somehow never managed it. The closest I get is the pet store besides HPB that has a resident giant turtle that walks around with a balloon taped to his shell.

  2. Marcia says:

    Reblogged this on The Write Stuff and commented:
    Top Ten Tuesday is something I’ve always intended to take part in, but so far, have never found the time. I particularly enjoy reading Caitlin’s list every week, and this one is especially nice. I love that it mentions Sir Terry Pratchett, a special favorite of mine, and Little Free Libraries, which I WISH were a “thing” in my area. Maybe I’ll have to be first! Enjoy this week’s list, and think about the reading/book related things YOU’RE grateful for.

    • You could definitely have a LFL, if you’re in an area with some foot traffic. With your green thumb, you could make it magical!

      • Marcia says:

        Alas, I have discovered in my vast old age that trying to writing and gardening are mutually exclusive. I can do one. Or the other. No way do I have time for both. Consequently, there are only about three plants left alive in my once-beautiful garden paradise, and I think two of them are sandspurs. 😦 As for foot traffic, the only humans to travel the sidewalk on our block are the six teenagers who live at the end of the street, and I’m pretty sure none of them have read a book in their lives. Harsh words, I know, but then, you haven’t seen them. 😯

        Still, I’d love to do it. Or at least visit an area that does. I’d be more than happy to drop off books, if there were anything closer than twenty miles. So far, I haven’t found a one. Might be time to check the map again.

  3. Marcia says:

    As always, an entertaining and thoughtful list, Caitlin. I love that you included Sir Terry Pratchett. He’s definitely become a personal favorite of mine, and always, ALWAYS makes me laugh out loud. I also love the Little Free Library concept, and wish there were some closer to me. I’m still considering what would happen if I started one. With my luck, it would be a violation of the zoning laws or something. Still. It would be fun!

  4. Half Priced Books is awesome! I love selling books back and getting $ to buy new ones right away. 🙂
    My TTT.

  5. Love the idea behind Little Free Libraries. 🙂

  6. YES! Completely agree with friends and family who buy books! For some reason, my family doesn’t embrace my love of books, they say buying books is “boring”, so it’s definitely awesome when I find those few who will buy me the books that I ask for. And bookmarks, DEFINITELY. You can never have enough. Wonderful list 🙂

  7. tiareleine says:

    Bookstore cats are the best! The independent bookstore I go to has two, and somehow they’re both friendly (which pretty much never happens with cats. As far as I can tell, if someone has two cats, it’s almost guaranteed that one will be vicious, haha).

    Great list! 🙂

  8. dreamingthroughliterature says:

    These are all such wonderful things to be thankful for!

  9. @lynnsbooks says:

    What a great list. Pride and Prejudice – definitely a book that you can read and read some more.
    Lynn 😀

  10. Brianna says:

    Bookmarks and bookstores!!!!!!!AHHH YES

  11. This is such a brilliant post and an amazing topic to have focused on as well. I love indie and used bookstores, there are a few near enough where I live but there are some beautiful ones all around to the world and I just want to travel to all of them and see them for myself. Plus the book blogging community, in my opinion that’s one of the very best things!
    Great picks for this week.

  12. Kally says:

    Awesome post & Happy Thanksgiving!

  13. LOVE Jenny Lawson! I got the chance to meet her last month at a book festival. I got both books signed, got to chat with her for a bit, and got to hear her speak in an author spotlight 🙂

    I have a LFL in my front yard!

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